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Academic Labor Relations (Grievance and Complaint Processes)

California State University, San Bernardino's Academic Labor Relations strives to foster a collaborative environment based on reason, respect and civility in order to encourage cooperative, creative solutions to resolve issues. Additionally, this office is responsible for implementing academic policies while ensuring the integrity and continuity of academic programs.

For questions concerning academic labor as it relates to Unit 3 (CFA) faculty employees or Unit 11 (UAW) student employees, please contact: 

Kevin E. Grisham, Ph.D.

(909) 537-5522


Grievance Workflow for Unit 3 (CFA) Faculty Employees

The grievance process for California Faculty Association (CFA) members is structured to address and resolve disputes arising from contract violations, workplace issues, or perceived unfair treatment. This process begins with an informal stage where the affected faculty member discusses the problem with their immediate supervisor or department chair to seek a resolution. The faculty member can file a formal grievance if the matter remains unresolved. This involves submitting a detailed written complaint to the CFA chapter’s grievance representative, outlining the nature of the grievance and the specific contract provisions believed to have been violated.  This is then addressed using the workflow outlined in Article 10 of the Collective Bargaining Agreement between California State University and the CFA.  The structured approach of the grievance process aims to ensure fair treatment, uphold contractual obligations, and maintain a positive working environment within the California State University system.

Please see the workflow as outlined in the diagram below:

Grievance Process Diagram Drawn from the Text of Article 10 of the CFA-CSU CBA
The workflow outlined above is drawn from the text of Article 10 of the CBA between the CSU and CFA.  (as of May 20, 2024)

Unit 3 CBA Grievance WorkFlow 1.pdf