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Department Chair List

Academic Deans and Department Chairs List 

AY 2023/24

College of Arts and Letters

First Name Last Name Phone Ext. E-Mail  Department Position
Rueyling Chuang 75800 Arts & Letters - Dean's Office Dean
Parastou Feiz 75800 Arts & Letters - Dean's Office Associate Dean
Katherine Gray 75808 Art & Design Chair
Matthew Poole 75800 Communication Studies Interim Chair
Jessica Luck 75839 English Chair
George Thomas 75849 World Languages & Literatures Chair
Lesley Leighton 75866 Music Interim Chair
Matthew Davidson 77727 Philosophy Chair
Andre Harrington 75846 Theatre Arts Chair
Dany Doueiri 75814 Liberal Studies Coordinator

Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration

First Name Last Name Phone Ext. E-Mail  Department Position
Tomas Gomez-Arias 73390 JHBC - Dean's Office Dean
Anna Ni 74417 JHBC - Dean's Office Assoc. Dean
Francisca Beer 75709 JHBC - MBA Program Assoc. Dean of Academic Equity
Taewon Yang 75704 Accounting & Finance Chair
Mike  Stull 73708 Entrepreneurship Director
Conrad Shayo 75798 Information & Decision Sciences Chair
Ranfeng (Stella) Qiu 75766 Management Chair
Haakon Brown 75716 Marketing Chair
Robert Stokes 75759 Public Administration Chair

James R. Watson & Judy Rodriguez Watson College of Education

First Name Last Name Phone Ext. E-Mail Department Position
Chinaka DomNwachukwu 75600 COE - Dean's Office Dean
Stacie Robertson 74570 COE - Dean's Office Assoc. Dean 
Becky Sumbera 74413 COE - Dean's Office Assist. Dean
Joseph Scarcella 73722 Educational Leadership & Technology Chair
Angela Stone-MacDonald 74502 Spec. Edu, Rehabilitation & Counseling Chair
Lasisi Ajayi 77603 Teacher Education & Foundations Chair

College of Natural Sciences

First Name Last Name Phone Ext. E-Mail Department Position
Sastry  Pantula 75300 CNS - Dean's Office Dean
Carol Hood 75389 CNS - Deans Office Interim Assoc Dean
Guillermo Escalante 73310 CNS - Dean's Office Assist. Dean
Jeremy Dodsworth 75396 Biology Chair
Doug Smith 75387 Chemistry & Biochemistry Chair
Khalil Dajani 73378 School of Computer Sci.& Engineering Director
Claire Todd 75347 Geological Science Chair
Terezie Tolar-Peterson 75300 Health Sciences and H.E Chair
Nicole Dabbs 77565 Kinesiology Chair
Madeleine Jetter 75390 Mathematics Chair
Jie Yu 75300 Nursing Chair
Javier Torner 77720 Physics Chair

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

First Name Last Name Phone Ext. E-Mail  Department Position
Christina Hassija 75481 CSBS - Dean's Office Dean


Schoepfer 77741

CSBS - Dean's Office

Assoc. Dean
Wesley Niewoehner 75567 Anthropology Chair
Amanda Wilcox-Herzog 77431 Child Development Chair
Christine Famega 75285 School of Criminology and Criminal Justice Director


MacDonald 77428 Economics Chair
Diana Johnson 73836 Ethnic Studies Chair
Bo Xu 75554

Geography & ES

Interim Chair
Ryan Keating 73917 History  Chair
Scot Zentner 75480 Political Science Chair
Ken Schultz 75484 Psychology Chair
Deidre Lanesskog 77222 School of Social Work Interim Director
Annika Anderson 77658 Sociology Interim Chair