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Below is the revised guide outlining the processes of assigning new employees hired via the Temporary Faculty Module to the Organizational Relationship of Future Hire prior to hiring them in the Temporary Faculty module.  This guide replaces the one previously distributed.  Please use the processes outlined in this guide immediately for new hires in the Temporary Faculty Module.  The following scenarios are addressed:

  1. Employees that do not have an existing PeopleSoft ID Number or a Job Data record. (Section 2.0 of guide).     
  2. Employees with an existing PeopleSoft ID number, POI type (Campus Solutions, Auxiliary,  Volunteer, CEL, etc.) and no Job Data records. (Section 6.0 of guide).

All college analysts and ASC’s with access to the Temporary Faculty Module should have access to update the POI Components outlined in the guide. 


Hiring Department Resources for New Part-Time Faculty Hiring/Onboarding Processes


This section contains forms and templates related to Faculty Leaves (Sabbaticals, Difference in Pay, Retirements, Paid and Non-Paid Leaves, etc.), Retention Promotion and Tenure, and Recruiting processes.

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