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New Online ISA Appointment Form & Instructions

Instructions to Complete and Submit the ISA Appointment form Online

Data Entry/Form Creation

The buttons below will take you to sign in using your PeopleSoft credentials and to a blank ISA Appointment form.

OnBase Online ISA Appointment Form BPG

Blank ISA Appointment Form

New Functionality:

  1. A “Print” button is now available at the bottom of the form.
  2. A “Job Duties” section is at the bottom of the form. Select the applicable job duties and enter the percentage.


Each form submitted for approval will generate an email containing a link to the form. Click on the link and log in using your PeopleSoft credentials. You will then be taken to a specific ISA Appointment form for your review and approval.

ISA Appointment Form Approvals

Orientation Schedule Survey

The Union Requires a Minimum 10 Day Notice for Orientations

The UAW Union for Unit 11 Employees requires that the campus notify them of orientations being held for Unit 11 Employees (TA/ ISA/ GA). Please use this survey to list the orientation dates, times and locations you will have Unit 11 Orientations.

Once completed, the information will be submitted to Faculty Affairs and Development.

Union Orientation:


The Union shall be provided 30 minutes to present Union information at campus wide, college-wide and tutoring center employment orientations. The Union shall also be provided 30 minutes to present Union information at department employment orientations if all of the unit members have not been required to attend an employment orientation as defined above.


The Union is solely responsible for the content and conduct of the Union presentation. No supervisor, manager or University official shall be present at the Union presentation. The University shall notify the Union in writing of all Campus wide, college-wide and tutoring center orientations along with contact information at least 10 day prior to the commencement of each orientation.


Update: New OnBase Search Function

The following functionality is now available in OnBase.  ISA Appointment form Approval Dates for (college/department/Faculty Affairs and Development) will show for forms entered from this point forward. Forms entered before the update will not have the Approval Dates. Here is the new functionality:

  1. Search criteria now includes ability to search by Department.  If desired, select Department from the drop down menu and press the enter key.
  2. Search results window now includes dates form was approved by department/college Approvers and Faculty Affairs and Development.
  3. Search results show the status of form under the “WF Status” field (last column-scroll to right):
  • "Complete”=  Faculty Affairs and Development has received and approved form.
  • "Assigned Approver”=  Form has been entered into OnBase, submitted to “Assigned Approver” and awaiting approval prior to submission to Faculty Affairs and Development.
  •  "Assigned Faculty Affairs and Development= Form approved by department/college and awaiting Faculty Affairs and Development approval.

You can also do the following:

  1. Search/View a form previously submitted.
  2. See a list of forms previously submitted.
  3. Obtain list of ISA Appointment forms submitted by Department and Employee ID.
  4. ISA Appointment Form Approvers can log in and approve multiple forms not using the email link.