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SOTE Information

SOTE Administration Policy 

FAM 820.5 SOTE Administration Policy

Please note:

  • Newly revised reusable SOTE envelopes have been created and are distributed to college/departments with the updated policy information (revision date January 2018).
  • To avoid confusion from the outdated policy, please do not use the old envelopes.
  • To obtain additional envelopes, these can be purchased from Printing Services.
  • The Library is now a pick up point for mail service, colleges/departments may still check the circulation desk for SOTES.

When submitting completed SOTEs, please remember the following:

  •     Please adhere to the SOTE schedule
  •     All blank forms need to be removed and can be destroyed
  •     There should be a total count of how many forms were completed by students 
  •     Do not staple or tape the envelopes or forms
  •     No attachments should be included 

NOTE: The drop off location in the Library will be a pick up point for mail services so that these SOTES can be returned to the library.