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Revised SOTE Administration Policy - Winter 2018 SOTE update

There has been a recent change to the SOTE policy effective Fall 2017. SOTEs are to be administered between the 8th and 10th week of classes. As a result, the standardized reusable SOTE envelopes needed to be revised. Please also note:

  •     Newly revised reusable SOTE envelopes are being created and will be distributed to college/departments with the updated policy information (revision date January 2018)
  •     New envelopes will be provided for all winter 2018 classes
  •     All previous envelopes will be returned but will be marked with an “X” on the cover. 
  •     To avoid confusion from the outdated policy, please do not use the old envelopes
  •     To obtain additional envelopes, these can be purchased from Printing Services

When submitting completed SOTEs, please remember the following:

  •     Please adhere to the SOTE schedule
  •     All blank forms need to be removed and can be destroyed
  •     There should be a total count of how many forms were completed by students 
  •     Do not staple or tape the envelopes or forms
  •     No attachments should be included 

Also, previously the colleges/departments were responsible for checking the Library Circulation desk for SOTEs. To assist with the SOTE process we are working with mail services so that the drop off location in the Library will be a pick up point for mail services so that these SOTES can be returned to the library.