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Holistic Advising

Case Management

We are committed to developing the whole student who may be experiencing stressors impacting their academic success. Our university values student success not only academically but socially, emotionally, and physically. Our Holistic Advisor is committed to supporting students on the path to academic success. The Holistic Advisor will work directly with students to help gain strategies to make good decisions, problem-solve, and persist through difficulties in every aspect of their lives.

How can the Holistic Advisor support you?

  • Support students to understand key moments in a semester to maintain their momentum in their studies 
  • Assistance with navigating campus and community resources both on and off campus. 
  • Connect students to support and resources at key moments rather than waiting until a problem grows into a critical situation 
  • Build a meaningful relationship with students 

To learn more about all the programs and services available at CSUSB, please explore your center. Our commitment lies in fostering student dignity, support, and academic progress. We are rooted in a belief that every student possesses strengths and resources to overcome barriers to their well-being.