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Food Security

According to a report in January of 2016 from the CSU, recent estimates indicate that nearly 1 in 4 Cal State students are going hungry.  Food insecurity is common among college students and the negative impacts are real:

  • Increases difficulty in concentrating and studying, lowers retention, and decreases graduation rates.
  • Generates and/or elevates stress, depression, anxiety, insomnia, headaches, and burnout.
  • Lowers morale and motivation, reduces creativity, hinders communication, decreases productivity, increases absenteeism, and decreases social opportunities. 
  • Students that are hungry, burned-out, depressed, and preoccupied with issues like money are less likely to succeed academically, socially, and personally. 

(Source:  Serving Displaced and Food Insecure Students in the CSU, 2016)

CSUSB has several emergency food options and resources for students.  If you would like more information about emergency food resources at CSUSB, please contact the following:

Obershaw DEN
(909) 537-FOOD

PDC DEN Food Pantry
(909) 537-8173

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