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Cody's Closet

image of Mascot Cody wearing business attire, holding up a suit and T-shirt in the other hand

Overarching Purpose

The department’s of Basic Needs and Student Support & the Career Center have partnered to relaunch Cody’s Clothing Closet. The purpose of the clothing closet is to provide CSUSB students with daily personal wear and professional clothing to address clothing insecurities. 

Basic Needs and Student Support Overview

Students’ basic needs for daily personal wear clothing have not been addressed. Clothing is often not viewed as an immediate need and do not receive much attention of basic needs. There is very little literature and practical understanding of the scope, magnitude and consequences of clothing inadequacy on university campuses. As a result, the Basic Needs & Student Support department has partnered with the Career Center to relaunch the Cody’s Clothing Closet to address clothing insecurity at CSUSB.

How to Access Cody’s Closet 

This is a walk-in service for currently enrolled students.  Student can access Cody’s Closet in the Obershaw DEN located in SMSU South 224. Students must provide their Student ID number or Coyote Card to Basic Needs & Student Support staff at the front desk. 

Donate to Cody's Closet

Acceptable Donations:

All personal wear donations to Cody's Closet must be NEW and unused. Acceptable donations include new socks, new undergarments, new blankets and new towels.

How to Donate:

Cody’s Closet will be accepting donations by appointment only during the following times of the year:

  • Fall: December
  • Spring: April
  • Summer: July

During these months we accept donations on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. If you are interested in donating, please complete the donation interest form to schedule a donation appointment. 

Donation Form