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Swipe Out Hunger Meal Program

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Swipe Out Hunger Emergency Meal Program

CSUSB is partnering with Swipe Out Hunger and Yotie Eats, to bring this incredible meal donation program to campus. Students experiencing food insecurity and/or a student emergency, can now get access to healthy and well-balanced meals at the Yotie Eats. Students who qualify are awarded a minimum of 5 meals, but can be awarded more meals based on showing greater individual need. A student who believes they are in need of these emergency meals should submit a request form and may be required to meet with the Basic Needs Coordinator or CARE Case Management Specialist to discuss individual needs and review the program.

Please be detailed in your application for us to accurately assess and serve your needs.

Program Eligibility:

·Be a CSUSB student enrolled in the current term

·Indicate the lack of a regular source of sufficient nourishment

·Not have an alternative source of meal options, including an existing meal plan

·Complete a CalFresh Screening and CalFresh application, if eligible at the Obershaw DEN before applying for the Swipe Out Hunger Emergency Meal Program

Note: Citizenship status does not affect eligibility

Meal Swipe Limits:

Students approved for participation in this program will be awarded a minimum of 5 meals. Students showing greater need can get awarded more meals based on their individual situation. The Swipe Out Hunger Emergency Meal Program is limited to participation once per quarter and subject to meal availability.

Steps to get Emergency Meal Swipes:

1. Select the Get Meals button below and complete the Swipe Out Hunger Emergency Meal Program request form. Incomplete applications will not be reviewed.

2.  Please allow 3-5 business days for your request to be reviewed and processed.

3. If you are approved for program participation you will be notified via e-mail.

4. Meal swipes will be uploaded to your CSUSB Student ID.

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Meal Swipe Donations:

Assist in the effort to ensure that all Coyotes have access to healthy and nutritious food options. Existing meal plan users can donate one meal swipe to Yotie Eats each semester from their meal plan. This meal plan donation program allows CSUSB donated meals to go into a pool which can be used to provide access to Yotie Eats for students who might otherwise go hungry.

Individual faculty, staff and students with meal plans can donate now if they have excess meal swipes they would like to share with a fellow coyote. 

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