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ALFSS Fundraiser

Student Scholarship Fundraiser

Goal: $4,000

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Join the Association of Latino Faculty, Staff, and Students (ALFSS) as we build a brighter future for students at California State University, San Bernardino (CSUSB). Support the ALFSS scholarship fund today!

The ALFSS scholarship fund was created to help CSUSB students continue to further their educational journey. Since 1985, ALFSS has awarded more than $300,000 in scholarships to new and continuing CSUSB graduate and undergraduate students--this includes incoming high school seniors and community college transfer students. The ALFSS Scholarship provides students with the financial support needed as they continue to define the future at CSUSB.

Make a Difference Today

With over 20,000 students enrolled at CSUSB, we serve a student population that is 81% first-generation college students and 77% of total students who receive grants and scholarships. Over 13,000 LatinX students make up CSUSB’s student body and campus funds are not available to meet the needs of all our students. Oftentimes, students are faced with a somber reality of paying for tuition or supporting their families—this can deter students from continuing on to earn their baccalaureate degrees. According to The Education Trust, degree attainment for young LatinX adults is only 24.5%--7.4% percent earning an Associate's degree, 12.9% earning a Bachelor’s degree, and 4.2% earning a Graduate degree.[1] Together, with the help of donors like you, we can make a difference and help reduce the gap by increasing the opportunity for students seeking degree attainment. Contribute today as we continue to transform the lives of our #Coyote4Life students. Your generosity will help pave the way for student’s future success not only in our local but national and global regions as they Define the Future.

Join the ALFSS Donor Circle

Únete al Círculo Donante de ALFSS

Nivel 3-  Amiga o Amigo $X to $100 in contributions.

Nivel 2-Madrina o Padrino over $100 in contributions.

Nivel 1- Pionera o Pionero full $1,000 scholarship contribution.

Nivel 3-  Amiga o Amigo/ Level 3-Friends 

Become an Amiga o Amigo donor by contributing $20 to $100 to the ALFSS Scholarship Fundraiser, whether that is once or in several individual donations throughout the duration of the campaign. As an Amiga o Amigo donor, you are an active contributor to the future success of our students. With your support, ALFSS will have the opportunity to award students with scholarships during the next academic year. As a special token of appreciation, you will receive a thank you email and the option to be highlighted on our ALFSS website or social media platforms

Nivel 2- Madrinas o Padrinos/ Level 2- Godparents

Become a Madrina o Padrino donor by contributing over $100 to the ALFSS Scholarship Fundraiser, whether that is through a single donation or several donations throughout the duration of the campaign. Your generosity will create an impact in the lives of our students and pave the way to a brighter future. As a Madrina o Padrino donor, you will receive a special thank you email, you’ll have the option to be highlighted on our ALFSS website or social media platforms, and an exclusive ALFSS coffee mug.

Nivel 1- Pionera o Pionero/ Level 1-Pioneer

Become a Pionera o Pionero donor by funding a full $1,000 scholarship that will change the life of a Cal State San Bernardino student. As a Pionera o Pionero donor, you will receive a personalized thank you letter from an ALFSS scholar recipient, a copy of the donor impact report, a thank you note from the Board, an exclusive ALFSS coffee mug, and the opportunity to be highlighted on our website or social media platforms.

We ask of you one last favor, please share the ALFSS Student Scholarship fundraising goal and campaign: with your networks. By doing so, we will reach a larger audience, creating a bigger impact for our students. 

Gracias por su generosidad y apoyo a nuestra comunidad/Thank you for your generosity and support for our community. Unidos/Together #WeDefineTheFuture.


Susana Barbosa, Crowdfunding Campaign Chair
Monica McMahon, President
Aurora Vilchis, Vice President 
Leah Stiff, Executive Secretary 
Ericka Saucedo, Treasurer
Miranda Canseco, Director of Marketing
Francisco Alfaro, Director of Programs
Jonathan Gonzalez- Montelongo, Director of Membership
Edgar Astorga, Director of Scholarships
Rosemarie Valencia, Student Representative