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Workability IV Virtual Job Club provides a space for members to get 24 hour job search support and information sharing to help:  Find job leads, improve online resumes, job applications, and workplace skills viewed by potential employers, participate in webinars and other events, and prepare for career fairs and job interviews or transition to a new career.


Spencer Winkle, Bachelors of Arts, Administration-Management Concentration; Graduate Student in Public Administration, Class of 2020

Picture of Spencer Winkle

Spencer Winkle graduated from CSUSB with a Bachelor of Arts in Administration – Management Concentration in June 2018 and is currently working towards a master’s degree in Public Administration at USC.  Spencer continues to develop his administrative and networking skills through a paid-internship with Sunline Transit Agency, and prior to this, he completed a paid-internship with the City of Indian Wells. Recently, Spencer participated in the League of California Cities-City Manager Conference in San Diego, and was involved with the Emerging Leaders program at CSUSB.

WorkAbility IV provided Spencer with resume writing skills, interview techniques, and work readiness workshops that he needed for his internships.  For his current internship, Spencer was offered the position on the spot, and is excelling as an intern. Spencer credits WA-IV’s workshop “Disclosing your Disability in the Workplace” with giving him much needed confidence and guidance on how to disclose his disability to an employer.

A few words of advice from Spencer, “Take full advantage of all the services WorkAbility IV offers because all of the skills and techniques that you learn, you can use and apply them before and after you graduate from CSUSB.”