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Welcome to WorkAbility IV's Virtual Job Club!

Workability IV Virtual Job Club provides a space for members to get 24 hour job search support and information sharing to help:  Find job leads, improve online resumes, job applications, and workplace skills viewed by potential employers, participate in webinars and other events, and prepare for career fairs and job interviews or transition to a new career.


Sean Kruckenberg, Anticipated Bachelors of Arts, Social Work and Psychology;  Class of 2019

Picture of Sean Kruckenberg

Sean Kruckenberg is graduating from CSUSB with a Bachelor of Arts in Social Work and Psychology in June 2019.  While working on his dual major, Sean worked at the Loma Linda Veterans Affairs office as a Vocational Rehabilitation Intern and at Riverside University Health System Behavioral Health as a Case Management Intern. Prior to his internships, he worked as a substance abuse counselor at the MFI Recovery Center's drug and alcohol addiction treatment program providing behavioral health services. 

WorkAbility IV provided Sean with resume writing skills, interview techniques, a chance to have a faculty mentor who provided insights and tips on how to network in his field, and Sean attended career readiness workshops when he could fit them into his busy schedule.  Because of his proactive approach to preparing for employment and WorkAbility IV services, Sean interviewed and received a job offer just in time for graduation!  Pathways Community Services in Anaheim, CA hired Sean to be a Case Manager a week before his graduation date from CSUSB (nice graduation present).  Sean is off to a fabulous start with his career.

A few words of advice from Sean to other students: “Workability IV provided invaluable support and guidance from the day I signed up through graduation. The workshops, mentorship, and resources provided have more than prepared me for employment in my chosen profession as a social worker.  To future workability students I would like to say that the biggest obstacles we face are often the ones we create through self-doubt. Keep striving until you reach you goals. Take full advantage of all the services WorkAbility IV offers because all of the skills and techniques you learn help to build confidence”.