WA-IV students receive career counseling, accommodation assistance, employment preparation services, and targeted employment assistance. In addition, students receive help on resume writing and cover letter development, learn about job searching strategies, prepare for job fairs and campus interviews, and explore career opportunities.

Student Program Responsibilities

Outlines WA-IV participants' responsibilities.

Guide To Employment

The Guide to Employment is a tool that directs the participants through the required activities in order to maintain positive status in the WA-IV program.


Book Estimate Form

The Book Estimate Form is used by WA-IV students and DOR counselors to plan for the cost of books per quarter for students. This form should be completed quarterly by students and submitted to their respective DOR counselor for review. Students can obtain the information necessary by going to the CSUSB Bookstore or by visiting them online:
San Bernardino Textbooks or Palm Desert Textbooks.

WA-IV Application/Release Form for CSUSB Students

Every WA-IV participant needs to sign the Application/Release Form once a year. This form gives WA-IV permission to discuss case information with DOR.

Job Placement Form

Once a student participant has acquired a job, this form needs to be turned into WA-IV and completed within a week of employment.

CareerLaunch Registration Instructions

CareerLaunch is the one-stop resource for jobs, internships, and careers. This page provides step-by-step directions explaining how to register and log into CSUSB's CareerLaunch.

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