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WorkAbility IV is a great resource for students that gives them access to job mentoring, tuition, books and so much more. 

Stephanie P.

Stephanie credits WorkAbility IV’s “Job Placement Circle” with giving her the guidance to prepare for interviews and the confidence to communicate her skills effectively with employers. “Work With WorkAbility IV as soon as possible. Be aware of the time, start as soon as possible so you can get all of the benefits from the program.” - Stephanie Pineda



"WorkAbility IV gave me many insights about dressing for success. Their frequent workshops were where I practiced and learned my one-minute elevator speech, which was basically what I did on the day of the interview for this job."- Sunday

Jonathan B.

“WorkAbility IV program got my foot into the door for an opportunity to intern with the Navy. Before my interview, the folks at WorkAbility IV assisted me with my interview preparation and gave me the confidence needed to face a tough interview board. I can't say enough good things about this program." - Jonathan Burnette 

Sean K.

“WorkAbility IV provided invaluable support and guidance from the day I signed up through graduation. The workshops, mentorship, and resources provided have more than prepared me for employment in my chosen profession as a social worker." - Sean Kruckenberg