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Formalist without Formula

Formalist without Formula: Don Woodford Selected Works 1972-2022

Don Woodford On View

On Display: February 7 – April 9, 2022
Opening Reception: POSTPONED

Professor Emeritus of Painting in the Department of Art and Design, Don Woodford began his academic career at California State University, San Bernardino in 1972. After he retired in 2001, he continued to teach studio painting courses for two academic years. 

An artist, educator, curator, and collector, Don Woodford has an extensive and rich knowledge of art, both historical and contemporary, supported by an outstanding visual sensitivity and highly admirable esthetic proficiency. In his long career, Woodford has mastered collage and painting techniques, experimenting in both two- and three-dimensional abstract forms. According to Tom McGovern’s recent essay to be published in conjunction with the exhibition, “Don's oeuvre is remarkably consistent, with form and color being its primary concerns, and without repetition. If I had to categorize him, it would certainly be as a formalist, and knowing that his methodology is highly intuitive, it is obvious that there is no formula from which he works. Don is an artist's artist, someone with a clear vision, amazing work ethic and deep knowledge of history, all of which inform his art.”

Our exhibition presents a selection of Don Woodford’s diverse body work encompassing a period of five decades. During that time, the language and form of Woodford’s uniquely personal art have evolved multiple times, often inspired by places and place-related experiences, each influencing a new body of work, introducing fresh formal solutions and subtle stylistic nuances.

“I enjoyed my years at the university a great deal…,” Woodford fondly recalls. “When I was searching for a teaching position,” he adds, “I only considered working at schools in Southern California because I felt then and still feel that there is a wonderful creative energy within the art community here. If I could magically have the opportunity it to do over again, I would jump at the chance”.

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