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BA Administration Online - Apply Now

We’re excited you’re interested in continuing your education with Cal State University San Bernardino - College of Extended and Global Education (CEGE) - Professional and Continuing Education (PaCE)!  The College of Extended and Global Education (CEGE) has specific courses and a minimum amount of units that must be completed prior to the admitted term.  To prepare for your application, we recommend to closely review the eligibility requirements of the program.


Eligibility Requirements

Lower Division: Complete lower division coursework by successfully obtaining 60 semester (90 quarter) units of transferable course work taken at a regionally accredited* community college or university.  Lower Division Core Requirements may be viewed in the table below. 

General Education: Completion of lower-division general education requirements, which includes CSU History, Constitution and American Ideals requirement. For more information on the General Education requirements, please visit the CSUSB Bulletin - General Education Program.  Requirements may include the completion of the course with a grade of “C-” or better.

Golden Four Courses: Completed with a grade of “C-” or better in each course.

  • Oral Communication (GE Category A1) (3 units) 
  • Written Communication (GE Category A2) (3 units) 
  • Critical Thinking (GE Category A3) (3 units) 
  • Mathematics/Quantitative Reasoning (GE Category B4) (3 units) 

GPA: Meet minimum GPA requirements of 2.0 ("C") or better. 

Eligible to enroll: Students must be in good standing and eligible to enroll at the last institution they attended.

Lower Division Core Requirements (23 - 24)

ACCT 2110 - Introductory Accounting I - (3 units)

ACCT 2120 - Introductory Accounting II - (3 units)

ADMN 1500 - Introduction to Administration - (1 unit)

ADMN 2100 - Applied Business Statistics - (3 units)

ECON 2201 - Principles of Microeconomics - (3 units)

ECON 2202 - Principles of Macroeconomics* - (3 units)

  *Satisfies GE category D3

IST 1110 - Introduction to Information Technology - (1 unit)

MGMT 2300 - Legal Environment of Organizations - (3 units)

Three or four units chosen from the following courses.*  (3 - 4 units)

   *Satisfies GE Category B4

            MATH 1301 - Modeling with Functions 

            MATH 1303 - Stretch Modeling with Functions B

            MATH 1401 - Accelerated Preparation for Calculus

            MATH 1403 - Preparation for Calculus B

            MATH 1601 - Modeling with Calculus

            MATH 2210 - Calculus I



Course Transfer and Articulation System - Support

The College of Extended and Global Education is unable to provide a pre-assessment of transcripts and or the review of course equivalency materials prior to an official application submission.

Applicants seeking assistance in this area may visit the website ASSIST which is best used in combination with seeing a counselor on your campus. It is intended to help students and counselors work together to establish an appropriate path toward transferring from a public California community college to a public California university.

ASSIST Resource Center


An applicant’s admission process starts well before they submit an application and will continue until they are attending courses. With that in mind, the following important application/document deadlines will give incoming applicants an idea of what to expect as they embark on their educational journey. 

All deadlines are specific to CEGE. Failure to meet a CEGE deadline may result in the cancellation of your application. Deadline extensions or exemptions are not granted regardless of the reason. Additional requirements and deadlines might also apply to students in unique admission situations.

CEGE Application Deadline Dates

Fall 2024                 

  • Application Open: October 1, 2023                  
  • Application Close : May 1, 2024            
  • Transcript Deadline: July 15, 2024

Spring 2025               

  • Application Open: August 1, 2024                       
  • Application Close: November 18, 2024                   
  • Transcript Deadline: December 16, 2024

Fall 2025                     

  • Application Open: October 1, 2024                       
  • Application Close: May 1, 2025                               
  • Transcript Deadline: July 15, 2025

Spring 2026                

  • Application Open: August 1, 2025                         
  • Application Close: November 17, 2025                   
  • Transcript Deadline: December 15, 2025

All deadlines are specific to CEGE. Failure to meet a CEGE deadline may result in the cancellation of your application. Deadline extensions or exemptions are not granted regardless of the reason. Additional requirements and deadlines might also apply to students in unique admission situations.  Applications for CEGE are accepted for the Fall and Spring semester only. 

Cal State Apply - Submit Your Application

Visit Cal State Apply to complete your application for the Bachelor of Arts in Administration Online program. Campuses and programs may have different application deadline dates.  Please follow the specific application deadline dates of the College of Extended and Global Education. 

Application Reminders

  • Prepare any applicable application materials which may include, your official transcripts (partial transcripts and or final transcripts), any FAFSA related information such as, your household income, citizenship status and social security number (if applicable).  Prepare your preferred method of payment for the Cal State Apply application fee; the fee to apply to the CSU is $70 per campus. If applicable, the $70 application fee is reimbursable to Stater Bros. Markets employees
  • College Coursework: Report all transcript courses into the college coursework section under the academic history icon.  To submit official documents see the information below. 

Cal State Apply - Support

Having technical problems applying to the CSU? Contact the Liaison's Cal State Apply Application Help Center for help.  For other questions about applying to the CSU and the admissions process, read the Cal State Apply - Frequently Asked Questions.

Contact Us  Email:   |    Phone: (857) 304-2087

After the Application

Activate Your myCoyote Account

After your application has been successfully submitted and processed, CEGE will send you an email with important information including your Coyote ID (student ID for our campus), log in information for your myCoyote account and how to activate your account. This process may take up to 2 business weeks. Check your myCoyote and campus email accounts regularly – at least once a week.

Official Transcripts

Submit Your Official Transcripts

All CSUSB - CEGE applicants are required to submit documents to complete the application process. 

CEGE requires all students to turn in transcripts from all schools still listed on your myCoyote To Do List. These documents must be sent directly from the institution in which you are or have been enrolled in and contain all grades from coursework completed at those institutions.

Requests for transcripts are slightly different at each school. Please reach out to every institution you have attended and place an official transcript request. Contact your school's Records or Registrar office to request an official transcripts be sent to CSUSB.

Official Transcript Deadline Dates

All final official transcripts must be received by the deadline date. All previous and in-progress coursework is required to be completed and reflected in these final transcripts by the posted deadlines.

Fall 2024:  July 15, 2024

Spring 2025:  December 16, 2024

Fall 2025:  July 15, 2025

Spring 2026:  December 15, 2025

Delivery Methods

Electronic Transcripts

If you are submitting official documents electronically, they must be requested with enough time to ensure they are received on or before the deadline. CSUSB - CEGE recommends submitting requests for electronic documents at least ten business days before a listed deadline. 

Electronic requests are not immediate and they require processing time from the institution you attended, so check with your institution to plan accordingly. CSUSB - CEGE must receive all official transcripts on or before the deadline date listed on the program website in order to be considered on time. Failure to submit documents will result in the cancellation of the student's application for admission.

Documents sent via email to CSUSB will not be considered official. Only electronic transcripts sent directly from the issuing institution through an approved and secure 3rd party will be accepted as official. 

Official Paper Final Transcripts - Mail 

Transcripts that have been printed by the issuing institution must arrive at CSUSB sealed in the original envelope in order to be considered official. Any document received without a seal will automatically be considered unofficial.

Mailing Address 

      California State University, San Bernardino

      Office of Admissions & Student Recruitment

      5500 University Parkway

      San Bernardino, CA 92407


*Regional accreditation includes: Western Association of Schools and Colleges, Middle States Association of Schools and Colleges, North Central Association of Schools and Colleges, New England Association of Schools and Colleges, Northwest Association of Schools and Colleges, and Southern Association of Schools and Colleges. 
*Lower Division Core Requirements: Students who have not completed up to two (2) pre-requisites courses listed above may still be admitted to the Online program on a case-by-case basis. Those requirements will need to be met prior to the completion of the degree.