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Admission Requirements

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Prior to Admission

Admission requirements are still being finalized by the Jack H. Brown College of Business and Public Administration, and will be confirmed once the program has been approved by the CSU Chancellor's Office. Until this time, students are encouraged to use the information below as a general guide for potential admission to the program. 

The B.A. in Administration Online program is an Upper-Division transfer program and requires applicants
to have completed the following prior to admission:

  • Earn at least 60 transferable semester (90 quarter) units with a transferable grade-point average of 2.0 ("C") or better.
  • Completion of lower-division general education requirements, including CSU History,
  • Constitution and American Ideals requirement. For more information on the General Education requirements, please visit the CSUSB Bulletin - General Education Program.
  • Submit Application on Cal State Apply. The fee to apply to the CSU is $70 per campus.
  • Completion of the following lower-division requirements for the BA in Administration degree.
    • ACCT 2110 - Introductory Accounting I (3)
    • ACCT 2120 - Introductory Accounting II (3)
    • ADMN 1500 - Introduction to Administration (1)
    • ADMN 2100 - Applied Business Statistics (3)
    • ECON 2201 - Principles of Microeconomics (3)
    • ECON 2202 - Principles of Macroeconomics (3)
    • IST 1110 - Introduction to Information Technology (1)
    • MGMT 2300 - Legal Environment of Organizations (3)
    • Three units chosen from the following:
      • MATH 1301 - Modeling with Functions
      • MATH 1401 - Accelerated Preparation for Calculus
      • MATH 1601 - Modeling with Calculus
      • MATH 2210 - Calculus I

Program Start Dates

Once the program has been approved, application dates will be posted here and sent to anyone who has Joined our Interest List