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Sin Fronteras

Sin Fronteras:
Ensuring Human Rights and Migration
through Legal Representation and Social Entrepreneurship 

VIA Immigration Project and Te Conecta Guatemala 


Thursday, March 19, 2020 (afternoon) - as part of LEAD 2020

Location: California State University, San Bernardino

Santos Manuel Student Union - Events Center

Check-in 4:30PM

Program 5PM - 7PM

Republica de Guatemala Ministerio de Relaciones Exteriores San Bernardino

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VIA Immigration Advocacy Project:

We aim to bring Immigration Attorneys, BIA Accredited Representatives, community members and allies together to provide free and affordable aid to undocumented children, youth and their families in Southern California.  

We foster a learning environment for attorneys to learn new skills in these unique cases, and for volunteers to contribute directly to a field they're passionate about.


Te Conecta – Guatemala:    


Te Conecta es un programa de asesoría, orientación y reinserción laboral gratuito para todas las personas que están siendo retornadas diariamente de los Estados Unidos. Este proyecto inició en diciembre de 2012 para brindar apoyo a este grupo de personas que se encuentra vulnerable en su retorno a Guatemala. Te Conecta es un proyecto social de la empresa Conexión Laboral dedicada a la gestión humana y asesorías en recursos humanos. Dicho proyecto no cuenta con ayuda económica de ninguna institución gubernamental o entidad privada.



Nuestra labor inicia en la Fuerza Aérea Guatemalteca donde arriban desde 2 a 3 vuelos diarios con un aproximado de 300 personas, captamos al mayor número de retornados en donde les asesoramos y capacitamos en habilidades técnicas y de emprendimiento para que puedan ser productivos e insertarlos a la vida laboral. A la fecha han sido 2500 personas que hemos brindado nuestro apoyo y de esa forma hemos podido contribuir al desarrollo de este país.

Ensuring Human Rights and Migration through Legal Representation and Social Entrepreneurship

“Give  me  your  tired,  your  poor, your huddled  masses  yearning  to  breathe  free....  Send these,  the  homeless, tempest-tost  to  me, I  lift  my  lamp  beside  the  golden  door!" read the original sonnet  on  the  Statue  of  Liberty.  Current immigration policy strays far from   this founding message—it’s restrictive and disempowering to migrants  seeking  entry into and  those  seeking  to  regularize already within  the  US. How do we empower im/migrants ?  How do we emancipate from current, draconian immigration policies/practices? Through technical and entrepreneurial training, TeConecta helps Guatemalan deportees productively reintegrate themselves into economy. To date there have been 2,500 people who have received support, are able to reinsert themselves into the national and/or global economies and contribute to the development of their home country. Over the last three years, VIA has successfully aided unaccompanied minors and deaf and hard of hearing asylum seekers with legal representation on  a pro/low bono basis.   Through  domestic and transnational collaboration, VIA aims to strategically partner with organizations and deploy resources to help guarantee the rights of asylum seekers specifically disabled individuals abroad and domestically. TeConecta and VIA Immigration Project will conjointly discuss approaches and strategies to empower vulnerable im/migrant populations through entrepreneurship, training, legal representation and education.


  • María José Girón, Co-Founder and President, TeConecta Guatemala
  • Hadley Bajramovic, founder of VIA Immigration Project and CEO at The Immigration Law Offices of Hadley Bajramovic
  • Laura Galindo, Volunteer Case Manager at VIA and Humanitarian/DACA & Naturalization Manager at The Immigration Law Offices of Hadley Bajramovic

Maria Giron

Maria Jose Giron

Hadley Barjomvic
Hadley Bajramovic

Laura Galindo

Laura Galindo


  • Guest, Former Unaccompanied Minor, Asylum case
  • Guest, Deaf and Hard of Hearing Individual, Asylum case

VIA Immigrant Project as a not-for-profit advocacy organization seeks to empower undocumented immigrants to become US Citizens through advocacy and legal assistance.

Through assistance to unaccompanied minors, deaf children and adults, and low income and vulnerable immigrant populations with removal proceedings and asylum cases.

TeConecta Guatemala is a free counseling, guidance and reintegration program for all people who are being returned daily from the United States. This project began in December 2012 to support this group of people who are vulnerable on their return to Guatemala.

Te Conecta is a social project of the company Labor Connection dedicated to human management and human resources advice. This project does not have financial support from any government institution or private entity.