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Virtual Advising Resources

Virtual Advising

  1. Go to main page: 

  1. Click on: Who is My Advisor? (3rd tab)

  2. Click on the college of your major or program (9 options)

If you need help determining your college, refer to:

  1. Below each advisor’s name is a phone number/email to schedule an appointment with that individual, most advisors are working remotely.

  1. Some colleges have their own site to schedule an appointment, like College of Arts and Letters: 

  2. Official virtual meetings are via Zoom, if students are not able to Zoom they have the option to do it via phone. 

  3. Time duration: 30 minutes (can exceed to 1 hour if needed) 

Contact Info:

Phone: 909-537-5034

Time: 8:00am - 5:00pm (most colleges) 


Instagram: @csusbadvising