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Academic Advisors


Academic Advisors are here to support you on your journey to graduation.

Current Students: Meet with an Academic Advisor during In-Person or Virtual Drop-In hours.

  • Check your myCoyote Student Center for registration holds and instructions on removing them. Some advising holds cannot be removed via drop-in.

Prospective Students: Schedule a Pre-Application Appointment to meet with an Admissions Officer.

Graduate Students (Credential, Masters, Postbaccalaureate): Visit Graduate Studies for a list of coordinators and advisors.

Photo of Andrew Castillo
Andrew Castillo

Academic Advisor & Graduation Pledge Coordinator 

"I suffer from turophobia."


Photo of Angela Baro
Angela Baro

Academic Advisor

"I love plants."


Anthony Justin Zafra
Anthony Justin Zafra

Academic Advisor

"My birthday is on Star Wars day."


Photo of Arturo Gutierrez
Arturo Gutierrez

Academic Advisor

"I enjoy campus walks & people say I'm a picky eater."


Photo of Aurora Bell
Aurora Bell

Academic Advisor

"I met Q from Impractical Jokers."


Photo of Brittany Moore
Brittany Moore

Academic Advisor

"I enjoy baking cookies and cakes for my family and friends. I'm always learning new baking techniques to test out."


Photo of Brittiny Dennis
Brittiny Dennis

Academic Advisor & Academic Advising Orientation Coordinator

"I enjoy a iced coffee, light ice, vanilla syrup, no classic, a splash of cream, with light caramel drizzle."


Chantal Moran

Academic Advisor

"I am adopted."


Photo of Eduardo A. Mendoza
Eduardo A. Mendoza


"I am a foodie, and I love to travel."


Photo of Elizabeth Sandoval
Elizabeth Sandoval

Academic Advisor

"My favorite show is the Big Bang Theory."


Photo of Ellie Gault
Ellie Gault

Assistant Director

"I love tacos!"


Photo of Erika Hernandez
Erika Hernandez

Academic Advisor & Excessive Units Coordinator

"I drive a Jeep because I love going off-roading and being off the grid on the weekend."


Photo of John Noriega
John Noriega

Academic Advisor & Undeclared Advising Coordinator

"I enjoy binge watching 'Friends.'"


Joseph Galvan

Academic Advisor

"I have taught in K-12th grade and coached football."


Photo of Julian Trujillo
Julian Trujillo

Academic Advisor

"I have been on a racetrack and rode along with Emergency Services on race day."


Photo of Kevin Yang
Kevin Yang

Academic Advisor

"I like to paint for others!"


Kimberly Keller

Academic Advisor 

"I love Star Wars and I have built two lightsabers!"


Photo of Lisa Guzman
Lisa Guzman

Project Director

"I bowled for my university team at UC Berkeley and was a professional bowler for a short time."


Photo of Luis Huante
Luis Huante

Academic Advisor & Peer Advisor Coordinator

"I enjoy the outdoors, exploring new places, and traveling."


Photo of Matt Markin
Matt Markin

Academic Advisor & Academic Success Coordinator

"I like to go on hikes."


Photo of Meghan McGarry
Meghan McGarry

Academic Advisor & First-Year Coordinator

"I enjoy the beach."


Photo of Olga Valdivia
Olga Valdivia

Academic Advisor

"I love gardening and being with my fur babies: Brody, Riley, and Buddy."


Photo of Oscar Moreno-Castro
Oscar Moreno-Castro

Academic Advisor, Palm Desert Campus

"I can’t smell or taste, so please don’t ask me to pick where to eat. Everything smells/tastes the same to me."


Photo of Pedro Saltipar
Pedro Saltipar

Academic Advisor, Palm Desert Campus

"I enjoy playing retro video games in my spare time."


Photo of Rachel Morgan
Rachel Morgan

Academic Advisor

"I like knitting."


Photo of Raeven Sanchez
Raeven Sanchez

Academic Advisor

"My birthday is Halloween, and I have a bearded dragon."


Photo of Ruth Howell
Ruth Howell

Academic Advisor, Palm Desert Campus & Coordinator

 "I’ve been an ASL interpreter for lectures, labs, workshops, and theatre productions!"


Shane Blake
Shane Blake

Academic Advisor

 "I can say the alphabet backwards in under 10 seconds!"

Tracee McCreary, academic advisor
Tracee McCreary 

Academic Advisor

"I love horseback riding."


Yuricsa Pantoja

Academic Advisor

"I enjoy going to amusement parks."