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Academic Success Program

Retention, Academic Notice and Disqualification

An undergraduate student is subject to academic notice if at any time the CSUSB grade point average and/or cumulative grade point average falls below a 2.0 (Title 5, California Code or Regulations, Section 41300 (a)). The student shall be advised of their academic notice status promptly. 

An undergraduate student shall be removed from academic notice when the cumulative grade point average in all college work attempted and the cumulative grade point average at California State University, San Bernardino is 2.0 or higher.

Grade Point Averages
Units Completed Good Standing Academic Notice Academic disqualification
Freshman 0-29.9 units 2.00 GPA or above 1.99 to 1.50 GPA 1.49 or below
Sophomore 30-59.9 units 2.00 GPA or above 1.99 to 1.70 GPA 1.69 GPA or below
Junior 60-89.9 units 2.00 GPA or above 1.99 to 1.85 GPA 1.84 or below
Senior 90+ units 2.00 GPA or above 1.99 to 1.95 GPA 1.94 or below

The President (as authorized by Section 41300 (c) of Title 5) has designated the Director of Advising to act to disqualify an individual not on academic notice when the following circumstances exists:

  1. At the end of any term, the student has a cumulative grade point average below 1.0, and 
  2. The cumulative grade point average is so low that in view of the student's overall educational record, it seems unlikely that the deficiency will be removed within a reasonable period, as defined by campus academic policy.