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An internship is designed to bridge the gap between academic studies and practical applications in the 'real world' of work. Internships can be a great benefit to both students and employers.

To the Student: You participate in a hands-on experience in business or a government agency that will expose you to life in an organization where professional obligations, career opportunities, and an opportunity to apply classroom-obtained skills are emphasized. IST 575 and SCM 575 count as four units of elective credit in your concentration. Some internships result in job offers because many employers use internships to assess potential employees. And some internships are paid.

To the Employer: The Internship experience benefits sponsoring organizations by keeping them informed of new developments, concepts, and methods in their field as well as providing them students who are motivated part-time employees and potential full-time employees.

Who Can Enroll?

Enrollment in SCM 575 and IST 575 is open to all undergraduate and graduate students with a concentration in Cyber Security, Supply Chain Management, Public Administration, Intelligence, Business Analytics, and Information Systems and Technology. You should, however, have completed at least 16 units in your concentration before applying for an internship so you have some expertise and background to offer an employer. You will also discuss with the internship coordinator whether or not an internship program is in your best academic and career interest.

Internship Funding: If you have found an Internship for a non-profit that currently does not pay, IST and CyberSecurity students can apply for a $1000 scholarship through Coyote Careers. This excellent program focuses on adding experience and professionalism to the motivated student.

Scholarship for Service (Cybercorps): This program, sponsored by the National Science Foundation, provides full tuition, lodging, books and a generous stipend ($8000 undergrad, $12000 MBA) and requires participation in a paid internship position with the Federal Government. For more information visit Cyber Security.

Internship Opportunities


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