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Journalists research and write news content for various outlets and audiences.  In the twenty-first century news market, journalism has become more multimedia in nature, requiring reporters to mix video, digital, and print content for online newspapers, social media, and web podcasts.

Skills and Responsibilities

  • Analyze and interpret information
  • Research and evaluate sources quickly and accurately
  • Present a story from various angles
  • Write reviews, editorials, features columns, and/or hard news stories
  • Work under tight deadlines and handle pressure well
  • Be able to navigate social media
  • Be skilled in desktop publishing and photo/video creation

Where They Work

Journalists often work for radio stations, magazines, newspapers, television stations, and other news outlets.  Companies and organizations that have recently posted jobs for journalists in California include NBC, CBS, San Bernardino Sun, Daily Bulletin, KIIS FM, and NPR.

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