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Community Health Educator

Community health educators teach individuals and community groups about varied health topics, including nutrition, disease prevention, and mental health.  To this end, they collect data on the health needs of a particular community and develop educational materials, presentations, and programs that address these needs in ways that are sensitive to the community’s cultural beliefs and practices.  Community health educators work with urban and rural populations as well as with K-12 and college students.English majors bring a number of strengths to community health educator positions including an ability to interpret situations, cultural awareness, and effective communication skills.  To work in this area, however, English majors also need a graduate degree in health education or closely related health field. For a sampling of graduate programs in health education, see Additional Information below.

Skills and Responsibilities

  • Research health risks, needs, beliefs and practices of particular communities
  • Develop health-related teaching materials and presentations
  • Work well with people from diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Be an effective public speaker