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Inclusive Classrooms

  • Values Affirmation Activity Writeup/Handout (PDF) - Instructions and handout for conducting a values affirmation activity in your classroom. Activities like this one have been shown to reduce the impacts of stereotype threat and improve overall performance, particularly for students who are historically underrepresented in a given field.
  • Creating an Inclusive Learning Environment (PDF) – Carnegie Mellon, Eberly Center for Teaching Excellence. Discusses the impact of classroom climate on student learning and performance, and provides strategies to create a productive and inclusive classroom environment.
  • Creating Inclusive College Classrooms (PDF) – University of Michigan, Center for Research on Learning and Teaching. Addresses five aspects of teaching that influence classrooms, from course content and planning to instructor assumptions, knowledge, and behaviors, and uses examples to illustrate recommendations for making classrooms more inclusive.
  • Creating Civility in the Classroom (PDF) – UC Santa Cruz Center for Teaching and Learning. Defines classroom incivility, explains why it occurs, and offers strategies for preventing and/or responding to specific kinds of incivility in the classroom. Also offers sample civility statements for syllabi.
  • Designing Culturally Inclusive Environments (PDF) – Flinders University, Australia. Offers "Theory into Practice" recommendations for thinking about culture, including questions to guide instructor reflection and concrete tips for designing culturally inclusive teaching environments.