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President's DEI Board

President's Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Board 

On the Creation of the President’s DEI Board


I am pleased to share with you the creation of the President’s Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Board (DEI Board).

Over the past eight years, we have greatly expanded diversity efforts on campus. Last spring, we engaged Halualani & Associates to review our DEI efforts, bring a strategic focus to our campus activities and make suggestions for increasing our effectiveness. Dr. Halualani met with several campus constituents including the University Diversity Committee (UDC), Council on Diversity, Inclusion, and Equity (CODIE), Faculty Senate, Staff Council, and Associated Students, Inc.

In the Diversity Mapping Report for California State University, San Bernardino, which was shared with the campus on August 20, 2020, Dr. Halualani applauded the efforts CSUSB has made to date, but also recommended better alignment and focus through (1) the development and implementation of a diversity strategic plan and (2) the creation of one centralized unit both to implement that plan and more effectively coordinate our DEI activities to achieve maximum impact.

The membership of the DEI Board will consist of representatives from the shared governance bodies including the Faculty Senate, Staff Council and ASI as well as
representatives from the cultural centers, affinity groups and experts across campus to increase inclusiveness in our planning and bring a wide variety of perspectives to our DEI activities.

With oversight of an executive committee, the Board will be structured with the following sub-committees focused on DEI in:

  • student recruitment, retention and graduation;
  • faculty recruitment, retention and development;
  • staff recruitment, retention and development;
  • alumni and community outreach;
  • curriculum and student learning; and
  • programming.

The Board will be charged to:

  • Identify and recommend priorities for diversity, equity, and inclusion work to the President;
  • Contribute to the DEI Strategic Plan design process, its finalization and implementation;
  • Evaluate and assess the efficacy of the University’s diversity strategy and the DEI Strategic Plan and identify metrics for progress;
  • Assess and promote the principles and goals identified in the DEI Strategic Plan to cultivate and sustain synergy and collaboration in diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts;
  • Identify and support the Council leaders responsible for the implementation of assigned DEI Strategic Plan goals;
  • Lead and coordinate activities to develop and maintain the desired campus climate;
  • Assist in the development of accountability structures to evaluate and assess the campus climate activities for efficacy;
  • Focus on DEI Educational Function, and foster learning around diversity, equity, and inclusion through coordinated events, co-curricular programming, workshops, and training;
  • Focus on DEI Community Function and build a more engaged and aware community around diversity, equity, and inclusion at the institution, including with alumni and Inland Empire community;
  • Focus on the role of diversity, equity, and inclusion in terms of the academic aspects of the institution, including incorporating DEI in the curriculum, inclusive pedagogy, retention and graduation rates, and college-level engagement with diversity, equity and inclusion; and
  • Focus on the role of diversity, equity and inclusion in terms of faculty and staff recruitment, retention and development, diversification of faculty and staff, retention tenure-promotion, safe space training, inclusion workshops, and diversity champion programs.

I want to express my deep appreciation for all who have worked over the years to build DEI into the structure of our university. My particular thanks go to the members of the UDC as well as CODIE. You have provided us with the solid foundation which enables us to advance and enhance CSUSB’s DEI efforts. Our overarching goal remains the same: to ensure that CSUSB provides an inclusive and welcoming environment for all who come to our campus. I look forward to working with the DEI Board along with, as always, each and every member of the campus in order to build on our past efforts to bring this goal closer to fruition.

Tomas D. Morales

Steering Committee

Tomas Morales

President Tomás D. Morales

jeanne durr

Jeanne Durr

Daria Graham

 Daria Graham

Katherine Hartley

Katherine Hartley


Mr. Robert Nava

Robert Nava


Paz Oliverez

Paz Olivérez

Mr. barry ryan

Barry Ryan

Mr. Sam Sudhakar

Sam Sudhakar

Executive Committee

  • Daria Graham, Co-Chief Diversity Officer 
  • Jeanne Durr, Co-Chief Diversity Officer 
  • Tomás D. Morales
  • Katherine Hartley
  • Robert Nava
  • Paz Olivérez
  • Barry Ryan
  • Sam Sudhakar
  • Rachel Beech
  • Jesse Felix
  • Pam Langford 
  • Rafik Mohamed 
  • Sastry Pantula
  • Daisy Ramos (ASI President)
  • Assessment Consultant (invited as needed)


Student Recruitment, Retention and Graduation

  • Rachel Beech (Chair)
  • Molly Springer (Vice-Chair)
  • Tiffany Bonner
  • Rueyling Chuang
  • Shawn Chin-Farrell
  • Daria Graham
  • Christina Hassija
  • Leticia Herrera
  • Tamara Holder
  • Brandon Landrum
  • Muriel Lopez-Wagner
  • HyunKyoung (HK) Oh
  • Lee Stovall

Curriculum and Student Learning

  • Rafik Mohamed (Chair)
  • Paulchris Okpala (Vice-Chair)
  • Manijeh Badiee
  • Mike Chao
  • Christine Fundell
  • Rosie Garza
  • Janelle Gilbert
  • Maria G. Gomez
  • Nicole Henley
  • Paloma Hinojosa
  • Thomas Long
  • Daisy Ocampo
  • Clare Weber

Staff Recruitment, Retention and Development

  • Jessica Martinez (Chair)
  • Tiffany Bookman
  • Rowena Casis-Woidyla
  • Marci Daniels
  • Rob Garcia
  • LeSondra Jones
  • Pamela Moses
  • Navneet Singh

Alumni and Community Outreach

  • Pam Langford (Chair)
  • Enrique Murillo, Jr. (Vice-Chair)
  • Valentina Felix
  • Diane Podolske
  • Bill Stevenson
  • Bailey Stumreiter
  • Shelby White

Faculty Recruitment, Retention and Development

  • Sastry Pantula (Chair)
  • Taewon Yang (Vice-Chair)
  • Lori Caruthers Collins
  • Yasemin Dildar
  • Ethel Nicdao
  • Daisy Ramos
  • Judith Sylva
  • Abhilasha Srivastava
  • Seval Yildirim


  • Jesse Felix (Chair)
  • Lesley Davidson Boyd (Vice-Chair)
  • Charles Gaylord 
  • Racheal Lapite
  • Jennifer Mersman
  • Diana Minor
  • Agustin Ramirez
  • Anthony Roberson
  • Aurora Vilchis

President's DEI Board Staff


Hollie Allbaugh 

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Administrative Specialist