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Internship Information

About the Internship

  • The internship must relate directly to the Department’s program.
  • Students must find their own internship sites. The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice maintains a list of past internship locations and this list is available to students.
  •  Internships can be paid or unpaid.
  •  Internship agencies may be in the public or private sectors.
  •  A student already employed in an appropriate agency may serve an internship in that agency.
  •  A minimum of 120 hours is required for each internship, though an agency may request up to 200 hours. These hours must be completed during the quarter in which the student is enrolled in the internship.
  •  Student internships are graded on “Credit”/”No credit” basis. Letter grades are not given.
  •  In some circumstances students are allowed to complete two internships (for a total of 6 credit units). However, only one internship can be used for the major.  The other internship would be credited toward general units for graduation.
  • If you are looking for jobs, internships, or volunteer opportunities in the criminal justice field, check out the School of Criminology and Criminal Justice's interactive career bulletin board for current postings. Find opportunities in law enforcement, family and victim advocacy, legal services, and more. Explore the board and click on the links to find out additional information. This bulletin board is updated weekly.

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Mailing List Sign Up

The School of Criminology and Criminal Justice has created a mailing list to keep all interested students updated on current and upcoming internship opportunities. If you want to receive those opportunities in your e-mail, please sign up.

For Additional Information

Please contact Dr. Nicole Collier, Internship Coordinator at 909.537.3962 or