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Graduation Requirements

Advancement to Candidacy

In order to be formally advanced to candidacy, a student must:

  1. Achieve classified standing;
  2. Complete the University Writing Requirement for Graduate Candidacy;
  3. Declare culminating experience
    1. Traditional Thesis M.A. Option: complete all required coursework except thesis; made arrangements for three faculty members, in consultation with the Criminal Justice Graduate Coordinator, to serve as the student's graduate advisory committee, with one member designated to chair the committee OR
    2. Professional M.A. Option: completed all required coursework except Comprehensive Examination;
  4. Complete all coursework taken before advancement to candidacy with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 ('B'). Complete all coursework with no more than one course with a grade as low as 'C'. If a second such grade is earned, the student will be dismissed from the program, but may petition the graduate admission committee for readmission. After reviewing the petition, the committee may allow readmission under such conditions as it deems appropriate. A third grade of 'C' or lower will result in permanent dismissal from the program with no recourse to petition;
  5. File a Graduate Program Plan approved by the graduate coordinator. This should be done after the successful completion of 20 quarter-units (or 15-semester units) of graduate coursework

Requirements for Graduation

  1. A minimum of 45-quarter units (or 34 semester-units) of acceptable graduate level courses, with at least 32 quarter units (or 24 semester-units) completed in residence at CSUSB;
  2. A minimum GPA of 3.0 (“B”) in all courses;
  3. Completion of coursework and an acceptable thesis and final oral defense, or Completion of coursework and registration in and completion of the comprehensive examination with a grade of credit;
  4. Any additional general requirements not cited above but listed under the “Graduate Study” section of the CSUSB Catalog and listed in the Graduate Student Handbook.

Degree Requirements for M.A in Criminology and Criminal Justice

Visit for MA in Criminal Justice degree requirements and course descriptions. Please note that only students officially enrolled in a graduate program can register for criminal justice MA level classes.