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Film Club

The Film Club of CSUSB is designed to give students opportunities to learn about cameras, lighting, script writing and digital video editing. Film Club also works with other student organizations around campus and off-campus organizations to provide video media services.


Film Club

Helping Students Succeed at Filmmaking

The Film Club of CSUSB will address University student filmmakers on various aspects that pertain to that of being a successful filmmaker both here at California State University, San Bernardino, and elsewhere. We help students succeed in filmmaking, as well as form a tight-knit community of educated filmmakers.

As a member of Film Club:

  • You will receive filmmaking guidance from club advisors, guest speakers and peers.
  • You will gain personal development through hands-on work.
  • You will be informed about social gathering and/or other events.
  • You will be expected to participate at all events, which might include: meetings, discussion, elections, etc.

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