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College Tips

Academic Tips for a Successful Educational Pathway

College Tips

College can be overwhelming for first incoming students even if they try to prepare for college. Here are some links with tips to avoid common mistakes that College Freshman tend to make:

High School Tips

High school is an interesting stage of a student's academic journey. High school students have a lot to think about, from studying for test to sports to new social situations. But most importantly, to answer the big question: "Where will I go to college?". Here are some helpful links that provide tips to help you thrive in high school:

Middle School Tips

Middle school life may appear scary or challenging since it comes with more academic and social responsibility. Don't let all these changes ruin your middle school experience and have fun. Here are some useful links with tips that may be helpful to have a successful middle school experience:

Elementary School Tips

Research has shown that parent support is essential for the educational success of a student. Here are some links with useful tips that support elementary students:

To know more about the collective impact approach to achieve a journey to lifelong learning, click the following button link:

San Bernardino County Community Cradle to Career Roadmap

Cradle to CareerUse the Cradle to Career Roadmap to identify key milestones in a child’s academic and social readiness, while encouraging partnerships with all sectors of the community to support the goal of meeting the educational needs of all students from cradle to career.

More Information on the Cradle to Career Roadmap