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Tentative Schedule of Biology Course Offerings


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Use the link above to search for a complete list of classes for each semester. 

Tentative Course Schedule Under Construction! 

Courses below are generally taught during the quarters indicated. However, this schedule is subject to change based on funding and staffing considerations. The links above lead to the official CSUSB course catalog for current and upcoming quarters.

(Courses in parentheses are offered irregularly.)

Tentative Course Schedule
Course Spring Summer Fall Winter Intersession
BIOL 100 Topics in Biology        
BIOL 200 Biology of the Cell        
BIOL 201 Biology of Organisms        
BIOL 202 Biology of Populations        
BIOL 216 Genetics and Society        
BIOL 217 Biology of Sexually Transmitted Diseases        
BIOL 220 Principles of Microbiology        
BIOL 223 Human Physiology & Anatomy I        
BIOL 224 Human Physiology & Anatomy II        
BIOL 300 Cell Physiology        
BIOL 319 Local Flora        
BIOL 320 Microorganisms        
BIOL 321 Evolution        
BIOL 323 Human Anatomy for Biology Majors        
BIOL 324 Human Physiology for Biology Majors        
BIOL 331 Biology of Invertebrates        
BIOL 342 Biology of the Chordates        
BIOL 354 Biology of Higher Plants        
BIOL 380 Medical & Economic Botany        
BIOL 400 Molecular Biology        
BIOL 413 Biology of Stem Cells        
BIOL 420 Medical Microbiology        
BIOL 423 Genetics        
BIOL 424 Comparative Animal Physiology        
BIOL 427 Funtional Microbial Genomics        
BIOL 431 Comparative Plant Physiology        
BIOL 440 Principles of Development        
BIOL 450 Ecology        
BIOL 455 Marine Biology Ecology        
490C & 491B  (Biotech - Nickerson)        
490 D (Statistics)        
490D & 491A (Genomics)        
BIOL 502 Genetic Engineering        
505 (Biostatistics)        
BIOL 513 Tissue Culture        
BIOL 514 Conservation Biology        
BIOL 522 Population Genetics        
BIOL 528 Concepts of Molecular Genetics        
BIOL 555 Comparative Biomechanics        
BIOL 572 Virology        
BIOL 573 Immunology        
BIOL 576 Endocrinology        
BIOL 580 Neurobiology        
590H Senior Seminar in Evolution        
590L Senior Seminar: History of Biology        
BIOL 591 Biology Seminar        
BIOL 592 Recombinant DNA Techniques        


The following courses are offered on a less regular schedule. Consult the Biology Department to find out when these courses are scheduled to be offered: 251, 301, 304, 305, 306, 314, 331, 335, 340, 349, 371, 490, 491, 522, 524, 530, 531, 532, 565, 590.

The following courses are supervisory courses and will be offered at the discretion of the faculty member. Consult a biology faculty member if you are interested in taking these courses: 295, 396, 575, 596, 597.