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Roadmaps to Degree

Bachelor of Science in Biology

The Bachelor's of Science in Biology is designed to give students a broad foundation in the biological sciences while affording them the freedom to specialize in a subfield of their choice. The core requirements emphasize the relationship between structure and function in living systems and the concept that biological processes can be studied at the cellular/molecular, organismal, population, and ecosystem levels. Upper division electives allow students the option to tailor their curriculum towards particular subjects in biology. The degree prepares students for a variety of careers in the biological sciences and related fields, such as: biology- or science-related positions in academia, government, non-government organizations (NGOs), or industry; entry to graduate programs in biological research; or entry to pre-professional programs including medicine, dentistry, or veterinary medicine.

For more information on degree requirements please visit Bachelor of Science in Biology Bulletin.

Important Notes:

  • Unless you begin at CSUSB immediately ready for calculus, you should treat the roadmaps only for informational purposes. Students that start with college algebra or pre-calculus as freshmen will most likely need at least 5 years to complete their degree.
  • You are STRONGLY URGED to get academic advising and not attempt to navigate your degree on your own using these roadmaps. This is because there are many pre-requisites that you may not completely understand. 
  • Introductory Biology for Majors is designed as a sophomore course. Note that CHEM 2100/2100L is a pre-requisite for BIOL 2010, and MATH 1401 (or 1403) is a co-requisite for CHEM 2100.
  • The roadmap is shown in flowchart form below, to help better illustrate pre-requisite relationships between courses. 
BIOL course flowchart