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Our Facilities

The Biology Department at California State University San Bernardino has facilities that support teaching and research at all levels of biological organization. These include:

  • Facilities for DNA sequencing
  • A laboratory for tissue culture and stem cell research
  • The College of Natural Science's Electron Microscope and Image Analysis Center (EMIAC), which provides Scanning Electron Microscopy (SEM) capabilities and sample preparation facilities
  • Inverted and compound microscopes equipped for differential interference contrast (DIC), phase contrase, epifluorescence, microinjection, and high resolution image capture and analysis
  • Animal care facilities, supported by a permanent animal health technician
  • Plant growth facilities that include a greenhouse, shade house and plant growth chambers
  • The CSUSB Herbarium, which houses more than 4000 herbarium specimens and participates in the joint online database of the Consortium of California Herbaria

Individual teaching and research labs in the Biology Building and Chemical Sciences Building house additional equipment and space for biological research and training.

Natural areas on campus, dominated by chaparral and coastal sage scrub vegetation, provide an outdoor laboratory for teaching and research by several departments. Partial guides to birds and plants on campus have been developed in support of the Biology Department's outdoor laboratory classes on campus.