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Studio Art

The Studio Art program is designed for students with a strong professional interest in art who may wish to pursue graduate studies. We also welcome non-majors to take our studio art courses, and many of our students who take electives with us really excel and often switch majors to studio art, or add it as a minor.

Courses in studio art areas offer beginning, intermediate and advanced levels, providing technical knowledge along with conceptual rigor and creative problem solving.

The program provides a wide variety of courses, which have flexibility in course selection to meet students' artistic and professional interests and goals.

Although students do not have to select an area of specialization, for ease of organization, courses are divided into four categories:

Excellent facilities and professional grade equipment in the following areas support these course offerings: ceramics, drawing, glass, painting, photography (film and digital), printmaking, sculpture, woodworking & furniture design, and digital arts (including video and 3D animation). Additionally, there are facilities for ancillary processes, such as moldmaking and 3D modeling and 3D printing.