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Portable Strobe Lights/LED Lights

Impact Interfit S1

Impact Interfit Light

Kit Includes:

  • Two InterFit S1 heads
  • Two rechargeable batteries
  • Two charging adapters
  • Two power cables
  • Two Light Stands
  • One OctoBox
  • One Strip Soft box
  • One remote
  • Quantity possibly available: 2

(please specify if you need a Canon or Nikon remote)

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Calumet TravelLite Kit

Calumet travel Lite

 Kit Includes:

  • Three TravelLite heads (2 x 750Ws & 1 x 250Ws)
  • Power cables
  • Three light stands
  • Three umbrellas

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CLAR CL-160-B LED Light

CLAR CL-160-B LED Light
  • Quantity possibly available: 10

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