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Art History & Global Cultures

Program Overview

The BA in Art History & Global Cultures degree introduces students to the history and development of visual art in order to understand art and culture as part of larger social and historical contexts. Students will gain scholarly skills, knowledge and experience in research and methodologies to see how things such as artistic traditions, art media and movements, social conditions such as war, religion, politics, and changes in technology have had an effect not only on the artist, but on the artworks produced. As in other disciplines in the Humanities, students develop their ability to formulate ideas orally and in writing in order to master the skills of scholarly argumentation.

The BA in Art History/Global Cultures prepares students for matriculation into graduate programs:

  • MA leading to the terminal Ph.D. Degree in Art History, Global Art Cultures, and Visual Studies
  • MA leading to the terminal Ph.D. Degree in Curatorial Studies and Museum Studies

The unique combination of skills that art history teaches—visual analysis and its written communication— students having excellent foundations for work in:


  • Museum curators
  • Commercial art gallery managers
  • Museum/ gallery managers
  • Museum/ gallery exhibition manager
  • Museum educator officer
  • Art appraisal and historic preservation
  • Collections manager
  • Art Restoration

Education/Art Administration

  • Art history teacher
  • Art librarian
  • Archives and records management
  • Art Administration researcher
  • Art Foundations and Grants researcher
  • Art Publications editorial work
  • Writing about art in diverse contexts: informal and scholarly
  • Community Art Programs

Our Art History and Global Cultures majors have ready access to a visual resources collection of study images on a variety of subjects and with the most current research resources and facilities, available at the Visual Resource Center on site, and the John Pfau Library on campus. Scholar Art is a peer-reviewed journal for art history students who wish to publish their papers, and the publication provides opportunities for students to learn how to edit papers and work on the online presentation of essays.

The capstone project for Art History and Global Cultures majors provides an opportunity to present their papers at a conference and to publish their papers in ScholarArt.