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Robin Adsit

Robin Adsit

Specialisms: Drawing, 2D Design, Painting
Office: VA-307
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April Baca

April Baca, lecturer in art history & global cultures, art theory

Specialisms: Art History, Contemporary Art, Art Theory
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Ashley Blalock

Ashley V Blalock

Specialisms: Studio Art, Installation Art, Art & Activism, Socially-Engaged Art
Office: VA-118
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Keith Brockie


Specialisms: Art Education/Teacher Training
Office: VA-204
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Tamara Cedré

Tamara Cedre

Specialisms: Studio Art, Photography, Art & Activism
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Mylesha Davis

Mylesha Davis, Lecturer in Design

Specialisms: Graphic Design, Branding & Marketing, 3D
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Katie Grip

Katie Grip

Specialisms: Graphic Design, Branding & Marketing
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Dr. Francis Houlihan

Dr Francis Houlihan

Specialisms: Graphic Design, Branding & Marketing
Office: VA-307
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Dr. Deanna Kashani

Dr. Deanna Kashani, Art History & Global Cultures

Specialisms: Art History, Global Cultures, Contemporary Art, Iranian Museums Studies
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Shane Keena

Shane Keena

Specialisms: Studio Art, Ceramics
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Steve King

Steve King

Specialisms: Studio Art, Photography, Wood & Furniture Design
Office: VA-225
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Eric Koda

Eric Koda, lecturer in Illustration

Specialisms: Studio Art, Illustration, Digital Illustration, Drawing
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Rosa Loughnane

Rosa Loughnane, Lecturer in Art Education

Specialisms: Art Education/Teacher Training (Palm Desert Campus)
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Keaton Macon

Keaton Macon, lecturer in painting and drawing
Specialisms: Studio Art, Painting, Drawing, 2D Design
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Adrienne Martin

Adrienne Martin, graphic design

Specialisms: Graphic Design, Branding & Marketing
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Timothy Ringsmuth

Timothy Ringsmuth, Lecturer in 3D Design Foundations

Specialisms: Studio Art, 3D Design, Art Foundations
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Diego Robles

Diego Robles, lecturer in studio art and visual studies

Specialisms: Studio Art, Visual Studies, film-making, Chicanx Art, Latinx Art
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Thomas Ruvolo

Thomas Ruvolo

Specialisms: Graphic Design, Branding & Marketing, Web Design
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Kandra Scullin

Kandra Scullin

Specialisms: Art Education/Teacher Training, Printmaking
Office: VA-204
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Dr. Nicole Strathman

Dr. Nicole Strathman, art history & global cultures, Native American studies

Specialism: Art History & Global Cultures, Native American Studies
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Andrew K. Thompson

Andrew K Thompson CSUSB Photo Lecturer

Specialisms: Studio Art, Photography
Phone: (909) 537-7654
Office: VA-114
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