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APA Workshops

We have two interactive, activity based workshops in which you can learn how to apply APA Style in your academic writing. Our workshops are held in our hybrid space in CE 311, so you can attend via Zoom or in person. We can accommodate up to 10 participants in person and up to 30 via Zoom in each workshop. You can reserve your slot for a workshop using the same scheduling system we use for individual sessions by clicking the blue "appointments" button on this page. You are welcome to attend on a walk-in basis both in person and via Zoom if we have slots available. Connect with our receptionists to inquire about walk-in availability. Contact information is available on our main web page and within our appointment scheduling web app.

Format & References Workshop

Our Format & References workshop will walk you through how to set up your paper according to APA Style and highlight variances from the 7th edition that we frequently see professors require. With the shift in APA Style in its 7th edition, some formatting elements have changed and there are now two different sets of recommendations for how to format your writing depending on whether you're producing work for a class as a student or a piece of writing for publication. We frequently see requirements from professors that blend elements of each or require elements from the 6th edition that have since changed, so we'll walk you through what those common variances are and remind you to ensure you're aware of both APA Style and your individual professor's guidelines. APA Style acknowledges that individual professors will develop their own requirements to best fit the assignments they construct, so understanding and following your professor's and APA's guidelines for your coursework is a vital part of the process of applying APA Style in your academic writing.


Click the blue "appointments" button to reserve your spot in a workshop. Upcoming workshop dates for Fall 2022 will be listed below. Please check back soon.

In-text Citation & Paraphrasing

Our In-text Citation & Paraphrasing workshop will guide you through interactive activities designed to sharpen your ability to correctly implement both narrative and parenthetical in-text citations in your academic writing projects. In addition, our workshop's activities seek to strengthen your ability to effectively paraphrase sources in your academic writing in addition to expanding your understanding of why writers tend to paraphrase in APA Style. We know that many students have learned to use quotes in a variety of ways in their academic writing experience, and that the differences between quotes and paraphrases aren't always clear. We hear from students about their confusion about differing guidelines that are applied to what counts as a good paraphrase or a bad paraphrase, and we know there are different options for what information should be included when citing as we paraphrase. We'll review what APA Style has to say about paraphrasing and practice applying different techniques to paraphrasing for different purposes.


Click the blue "appointments" button to reserve your spot in a workshop. Upcoming workshop dates for Fall 2022 will be listed below. Please check back soon.