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Academic Writing Style and Citation "Starters"


<a href=";showinfo=0">Watch APA Style and Citation Starter - YouTube YouTube Video</a>

Watch APA Style and Citation Starter - YouTube YouTube Video

Watch APA Style & Citation Starter - Video YouTube Video

Sample Text for Syllabus

  • Writing Centers: The Writing Center is a resource for all writers, from those who feel confident to those who feel like they struggle with writing and everyone in between. The Writing Center is a free resource for CSUSB students, and you should take advantage of it! Tutors will work with you at any stage of the writing process: you can go to work on figuring out how to start or you can go with a finished draft to work on its final polish or citations– or at any stage in between to work on ensuring your ideas are coming across clearly or that your organization is working well. Details about working with writing consultants can be found at: and the Writing Center’s scheduling web app can be accessed at

Detailed Zoom How-to Handout

  • Detailed information for students about setting up a writing consultation via Zoom is available on our Online Tutoring page, but a handout version of the same information is also available for posting in Blackboard or dissemination via email as a PDF: Writing Center Zoom How-to.pdf