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GWC Policies/Guidelines

Writing Consultants in the Graduate Writing Center work with students at all stages of the writing process. They work with students to develop a better understanding of

  • an assignment (deconstructing a prompt)
  • a critical reading
  • addressing an audience
  • style and argumentation
  • idea/topic development
  • clarity, style, logic, and the "flow" of ideas
  • brainstorming and other idea-generation techniques
  • document or project planning, outlining, and drafting
  • revision strategies
  • proofreading methods
  • specific writing projects and their management
  • discipline-specific appropriateness of an argument or point of view for specific audiences (e.g., discourse-savvy audiences vs. the "general reader")
  • reference documentation and evaluation of sources
  • principles of English grammar, syntax, word choice, and punctuation appropriate for academic discourse
  • drafting a resume, abstract, proposal, statement of purpose, scholarship or graduate school application
  • citation issues (APA, MLA, and Chicago styles)

Consultants in the GWC cannot provide assistance on

  • editing or proofreading your text for you, though we're happy to work with you
  • writing for which the student is not the author (for example, a P.I.'s publication or another student's work)
  • writing that is part of an in-class or take-home examination either for a course or a degree requirement
  • more than a few pages of text per consultation, i.e., complete chapters, theses, or other multi-page documents