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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I make an appointment at the CSUSB Writing Centers?

To make a Writing Center appointment, go to the schedule login page and create an account. Once you have done this and logged in, you can view the schedule and select an appointment time that is best for you.

What about grammar? What if commas are my biggest problem?

We are happy to work with grammar in a writing consultation. While we do not fix your grammar for you, we will point out places in your writing where things like comma issues occur, why it is an issue, how to identify it, how to fix it, and where to locate additional grammar resources. As we read your paper with you, we will collaborate on ways to make changes to your writing.

What if I don't understand my assignment?

If you do not understand your assignment, you are welcome to bring it to the Writing Centers and a consultant will collaborate with you to decipher the prompt, brainstorm ideas, and make a plan for writing. We can also work with you to develop questions about the assignment to ask your professor.  

What should I bring to a Writing Center conference?

Please bring any materials related to your writing project. These materials might include: a print or digital copy or your writing project, the writing prompt, books or articles, notes from class, or notes from your professor.

What if English is not my first language? Are there writing consultants who can help me?

All consultants work with multilingual writers, and several of them facilitate English conversation groups.

What if I don't have anything written yet, can I still have a Writing Center consultation?

Yes! You do not have to have anything written yet to have a productive writing consultation. We can help you decipher the prompt, discuss possible topics, narrow your focus, brainstorm, and help you decide where to begin. Having a conversation and bouncing ideas around with a consultant can take some of the difficulties out of starting a writing project.

Can I work on a paper for any class?

Yes, we can work with you on any writing from any class, as well as resumes, scholarship letters, emails, etc. Our consultants are from various majors. While your consultant may not share your major, all consultants are trained as experienced readers. We can support you as you focus your ideas, address the prompt, integrate sources, and respond to your project for any class.

Can I make a group appointment for group projects?

We do offer group appointments. Group writing consultations are very useful when working on group projects, including group presentations and group papers. We can collaborate with your group to unify your ideas, discuss places of concern, and brainstorm. Please make sure all of your group members are at the consultation; we are only able to work on group projects if all members of the group are at the consultation.

Who can benefit from going to the Writing Centers?

All writers can benefit from collaboration. By collaborating with our writing consultants, for example, we can work to identify your writing strengths, give feedback on your writing projects, brainstorm, and create an outline before you write. We can also give advice on how you can integrate sources, cite and format your paper, further develop your ideas, and strengthen your arguments.

What if I am late for my Writing Center appointment?

If you know you will be late for an appointment, you can go online and cancel your appointment or move your appointment to a time that is better for you. You are also welcome to call the Writing Center at (909) 537-5232 as soon as you can, and we will try our best to accommodate you.

How do I let my professor know that I came to the Writing Centers?

When you make an appointment, the appointment box has a “Report to Professor?” question. Select “yes.” If you forget to select yes or change your mind, ask your consultant to change it when your session begins. Later, your professor will receive an email indicating you had a Writing Center consultation. These emails go out a few times during the term. If you have further questions, please contact us at (909) 537-5232.

What if there are no appointments available during the times I am able to come in?

In addition to making appointments, you can try to get a consultation as a walk-in anytime, even if there are no appointments available. For example, if another student does not show up for their appointment, you have the opportunity to work with a consultant at that time. Walk-in consultations are available on a first-come, first-served basis. To be seen as a walk-in, please come to the Writing Center in CE-310 and speak to our receptionist. We also offer email and Zoom appointments.

Where is the Writing Center located?

The Writing Center and The Graduate Writing Center are located in the College of Education, 3rd floor, room CE 310.

What if I can't keep an appointment I made?

If you cannot keep your appointment, please login to our appointments page, click on your yellow appointment box, and cancel your appointment. If you have questions about how to do this, please call (909) 537-5232 to speak with our receptionist.

Does the Writing Center offer online appointments?

Yes! We offer two kinds of online appointments: Email and Zoom

In email consultations, you make an appointment and upload your papers to the “Writing Consultation via Email” schedule. In 2 business days, you will get an email with your paper and feedback attached. This option is not available to first year students. 

Zoom consultations are video conferencing sessions that allow for a similar conversation and collaboration that is so important to in-person sessions. Currently, this option is only available to Graduate students in the Graduate Writing Center. 

Please visit our online tutoring information page for more details.

Is there a maximum number of times I can come to the Writing Center?

Everyone is able to make two appointments a week. If you would like more appointments in a week, you are welcome to try to be seen two more times as a walk-in. This allows up to four appointments a week.

Can I bring Spanish writing projects to the Writing Centers?

Yes! Just like writing consultations in English, we also offer writing consultations in Spanish. We will work with you on class projects in Spanish, like essays, presentations, brainstorming, and citation. We will also work with you on personal writing projects in Spanish, like resumes, statements of purpose and more. To find a tutor for Spanish writing projects, select “escritura en español” under the “Limit by appt. type or topic:” dropdown menu. From there, you will see tutors who can work with you on writing in both Spanish and English.