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Reporting Visits

 Reports of Students' Visits to the Writing Centers

To confirm students’ visits to the CSUSB Writing Centers, we send email reports to professors several times a term. Here are the details of our reporting system:

What is reported to professors?

  • The following data fields are included in reports: 
    • Full name
    • Coyote ID 
    • Professor 
    • Class and meeting days/times
    • Appointment date and time

What format are reports sent in?

  • Reports are sent via email with attached Excel spreadsheets.

When are reports sent? 

  • Week 5 (covering 0 to 4) 
  • Week 8 (covering 0 to 7)
  • Week 11 (covering 0 to 10)
  • Week 14 (covering 0 to 14)
  • Finals Week (covering 0-15)
  • Monday Following Finals (covering just finals week)

If you would like a report outside of our standard reporting schedule, please email the director ( and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Can Writing Center consultants sign anything confirming that a student had an appointment?

  • No, it is our policy that consultants not sign anything confirming visits or for other purposes. We want our consultants focused on an interactive and collaborative pedagogy and not at all engaged with assessing, approving, reporting, or other activities problematic to maintaining our collaborative pedagogy.

Can Writing Center consultants provide evaluative reports at the request of professors/students?

  • No, all consultations are considered confidential and we do not report to professors on the content of the writing conference in the interest of students and consultants maintaining an open and collaborative relationship.

Are appointments in the Graduate Writing Center also reported?

Can reports be provided outside the standard reporting dates and ranges?

  • Yes, we do our best to accommodate special reports that can be sent outside the standard reporting schedule. Please send requests to the Director at