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Impact Internship

CSUSB Impact Internship

The Impact Internship is a paid, on-campus internship opportunity for undocumented students at CSUSB. By participating in this internship, students will enhance their research skills, gain pre-professional experience, and expand their network of CSUSB students, staff, and faculty.

The Impact Internship is part of a campus wide effort to support undocumented students in their completion of the Dream Service Incentive Grant (DSIG) requirements. DSIG is a California Student Aid Commission program.

Student Eligibility

  • Complete the CA Dream Act Application.
  • Receive a Cal Grant B award from CSAC.
  • Perform 300 service hours (the internship).


  • Students receive $4,500 after completing 300 service hours.
  • Students gain research and pre-professional experience.

Cal Grant B Award Screenshot - view our instructional video.

To complete your application you will need to submit a screenshot of your Cal Grant B award.

  1. Go to your MyGrantInfo account.
  2. Sign In using the information used for your California Dream Act
     If it's your first time, create an account. 
  3. Go to “Award Status” of the current academic year and take a screenshot.

CSUSB staff and faculty members can register as mentors here.

How can CSUSB students participate?

Intern Testimonials

“This internship got me great connections but also funded my school. I appreciate that so much.”

“My social skills and ability to think on my feet grew. I also got better at Excel.”

“I would recommend this internship to other students, it’s a great way to get new skills and make new friendships.”

“I really enjoyed this internship because I got to meet other people that also go through the same situation as me. I know I have friends that are scared of their status and I would tell them this internship would help them to not be so afraid.”

“I loved my mentor Dr. Lewin! He was great about checking up on me, meeting with me, and introducing me to colleagues that would help with my career and academic goals. He inspired and motivated me.”