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CSU Chancellor’s Office

As a leader in higher education, the California State University is deeply committed to ensuring academic opportunities are available to all the state's students, regardless of citizenship status.

CSU Resources for Undocumented Students

Food Security 

The Obershaw DEN serves to assist CSUSB students who face food insecurity or scarcity. The Obershaw DEN is only available to currently enrolled CSUSB students, including undergraduate, credential, graduate, and doctoral students. 

CSUSB Obershaw DEN

Financial Security

CSUSB offers Emergency Grants (grants do not have to be re-paid, citizenship status does not affect eligibility).

CSUSB Grant Programs

Emergency Loans

CSUSB offers its current students Emergency Loans. Short-term Emergency Loans may be granted from $50.00 - $600.00 and Major Emergency Loans may be granted to cover up to 100% of tuition. 

CSUSB Emergency Loans


Current and prospective CSUSB students are encouraged to make an appointment with the Undocumented Student Success Center's Educational Coach, Christian Espinoza, for any remaining questions and/or academic guidance.

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