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Department Liaisons

The Undocumented Student Success Center Liaisons are well aware of the barriers and challenges undocumented students face in their personal, professional, and student life. Within the department they work in, liaisons will provide resources and help students work towards accomplishing their goals.

USSC Career Center Liaison 

Career advising is focused on helping current students and Alumni identify career, educational, and personal goals based on their needs, interests, values, skills, strengths, and life circumstances. Through the career advising process, guidance is provided to help individuals make informative and intentional career decisions and establish a course of action for their career and educational pursuits. Link to CSUSB Career Center

Oscar Fonseca

Oscar Fonseca
Career Advisor | Liaison to Palm Desert Campus
(909) 537-8243

USSC Counseling and Psychological Services Liaison

CSUSB’s Counseling and Psychological Services supports the university mission of academic success and social justice through promoting the mental well-being of CSUSB students, the campus community, and the surrounding region. This is achieved through mental health counseling, advocacy, and outreach and consultation in a safe, supportive and culturally-informed environment. Students can call CAPS at (909) 537-5040 to schedule an appointment. Link to CSUSB Counseling and Psychological Services

Jazmin Rodriguez, MSW, LCSW
Fluent in Spanish 
Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW94936)
Master of Social Work from Loma Linda University

USSC Financial Aid & Scholarship Liaison

The Office of Financial Aid and Scholarships at CSUSB provides students and their families with information about financial aid resources and facilitates funding in an accurate and timely manner to assist students in pursuing their educational goals. Link to CSUSB Financial Aid

Haniyah Walker
Financial Aid & Scholarships
(909) 537-4508