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Sociology 5753 Internship Information

Internship in sociology is to allow student course credits for learning that occurs in field placement at a supervised work and study with private or public organizations.

General requirements include completion of 105 hours of "on-site" work during the 15-week semester. In addition, your instructor will require assignments throughout the term (e.g., research paper, field notes, career-related assignments, class presentations, etc.).  Lastly, you will be required to attend five in-class meetings.  Contact instructors for detailed course requirements and class meeting schedule.

To gain permission to enroll in the Sociology 5753 Internship: The faculty member has to review and approve your internship application prior to the beginning of the semester.

If you require any further information regarding the Sociology Internship please contact us at 909.537.5541.

Faculty Supervisors

Please see any of the faculty supervisors below to discuss your options and to get started.

  • Dr. Annika Anderson
          Office: SB443; Phone: 909-537-7658;
  • Dr. Karen Robinson
          Office: SB433; Phone: 909-537-5580;
  • Dr. Paloma Villegas
          Office: SB431; Phone: 909-537-7721;
  • Dr. Eric Vogelsang 
         Office: SB 429; Phone: 909-537-5575;