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Mission Statement

The Department of Sociology provides a rigorous and academically challenging program of study that allows its students to develop intellectually, socially, and professionally and to offer students sociological tools and insights they can use to address complex issues and problems encountered in social institutions and organizational settings.

The Sociology Department is committed to educating our students about the realities of human social interaction. We take a broad-spectrum approach to this, offering courses that analyze social interaction from a large scale, institutional and global perspective, as well as courses that equip students to analyze even small, daily interactions. Because human social life is fraught with inequalities and oppression, we train our students to think critically. Because our students are educated to be active, critical thinkers, they become responsive members of their community. They leave our program with analytical skills and the necessary oral and written skills required to succeed in the workplace.

Upon completion of a B.A. in Sociology, our students will be equipped to continue their processes of lifelong learning, whatever career paths they take.