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Recent Publications

Jurgita Abromaviciute

Carian, E. K., & Abromaviciute, J. (2023). “It’s Certainly Fair for Me”: Hybrid Masculinities and the Gendered Division of Labor During COVID-19. Men and Masculinities, 0(0).

Abromaviciute, Jurgita, Ryan Seebruck, and Bob Edwards. 2019. "Which Resources Matter for What Impacts? Resource Mobilization and Impacts of Local SMOs in Rural Lithuania, 2004–2006." Sociological Spectrum, DOI: 10.1080/02732173.2019.1669238

Annika Anderson

Anderson, Annika, Roberta Fox, Paul Jones, Rigaud Joseph, Wendi Witherell, and Ashley Adams. 2023. “Reentry and Transition into College Life: A Study of Formerly Incarcerated Individuals in Southern California.” Journal of Human Behavior in the Social Environment.

Fox, Roberta, Jesse Rodriguez, Rigaud Joseph, and Annika Anderson. 2023. “Career Outcomes for Formerly Incarcerated College Graduates.” Journal of Career Development. 

Megan Carroll

Randles, Jennifer and Megan Carroll. 2023. “Marginalize or Valorize: A Two-Case Study of Parental Essentialism and Fathers’ Social Location.” Men and Masculinities 26(3): 335-355.    

Winer, Canton, Megan Carroll, Yuchen Yang, Katherine Linder, and Brittany Miles. 2022. “’I Didn’t Know Ace Was a Thing’: Bisexuality and Pansexuality as Identity Pathways in Asexual Identity Formation.” Sexualities. Online First.

James V. Fenelon

Fenelon, J.V. (2023). Indian, Black and Irish: Indigenous Nations, African Peoples, European Invasions, 1492-1790 (1st ed.). Routledge.

Fenelon, J., & Alford, J. (2020). Envisioning Indigenous Models for Social and Ecological Change in the Anthropocene. Journal of World-Systems Research26(2), 372-399.

Fenelon, James. 2016. Redskins? Sports Mascots, Indian Nations and White Racism, (foreword Joe R. Feagin), New York, NY: Routledge.

Fenelon, James V. (guest editor) "Indigenous Peoples, California Genocide, & Politics of the Academy: Intersecting Systems of Domination" special issue of the American Behavioral Scientist, forthcoming 2013.

Fenelon, James V. and Thomas D. Hall. "Racism." Pp. 808-812 and "Revitalization." Pp. 827-829 in Native Peoples of the World: An Encyclopedia of Groups, Cultures, and Contemporary Issues, edited by Steven Danver. 2013, Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe.

Hall, Thomas D. and James V. Fenelon. "Globalization." Pp. 733-7 and "Colonialism." Pp. 716-720 in Native Peoples of the World: An Encyclopedia of Groups, Cultures, and Contemporary Issues, edited by Steven Danver. 2013, Armonk, NY: M.E. Sharpe.

Fenelon, Jim. "Indigenous Voices Point to Race, Ethno-Nationalism & New Racism In Arizona" Racism Review, January 16, 2013 (online:

Ethel Mickey

Smith-Doerr, Laurel, Mickey, Ethel L. and Kane-Lee, Ember Skye W. "Deciding Together as Faculty: Narratives of Unanticipated Consequences in Gendered and Racialized Departmental Service, Promotion, and Voting" Journal of Organizational Sociology (2023). []

Mickey, E. L. (2022). The Organization of Networking and Gender Inequality in the New Economy: Evidence from the Tech Industry. Work and Occupations, 49(4), 383–420.

José Muñoz

Downey, R. J., & Villanueva Alarcón, I., & Munoz, J. A., & Berdie, L. (2023, June), Listening to Those That Matter: Deans' Responses to the Barriers that Latiné/x/a/o Contingent Faculty at HSI's Face Paper presented at 2023 ASEE Annual Conference & Exposition, Baltimore, Maryland.

Paloma Villegas

Villegas, P. E., McGrath, C., Enriquez-Johnson, A., Hudgens, R., Flores, N., & Felix, R. (2022). Food insecurity stigma, neoliberalization, and college students in California’s Inland Empire. Food, Culture & Society, 1-18.

King-To Yeung  

Yeung, King-To, and Mahesh Somashekhar. (2016) "Sensing agency and resistance in old prisons: A pragmatist analysis of institutional control." Theory, culture & society 33(3): 79-101.