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Students & Alumni

Here is information that is helpful to students and alumni:

  • Sociology Academic Advising
    • The Sociology Department is committed to your success at CSUSB. In order to help you through your degree, students are encouraged to schedule advising appointments. Advisors help you stay up-to-date on what classes are required for your major, request course substitutions, show you how to read your PAWS report, and answer other questions you may have.
  • Internships
    • Interested in an Internship?

      • Begin the process by making contact with the volunteer coordinator at an agency where you want to work and ask what there intern policy is and how your start the process on their end. This can be anything from a local nonprofit, to city, county state, or federal agency to a school or even a faith organization that does community work.
      • With most organizations you need to undergo a limited background check which usually takes a while, so you should begin the process as soon as possible before the quarter in which you want to work.
      • After you have gotten permission to work for an organization, and when you get your date to register for the following semester, email the SOC 5753 form to a supervising internship faculty member.
  • Spring 2024 Office Hours

    • In this section, you will find class schedule for the upcoming semester and faculty office hours.
  • Departmental Scholarships
    • The Department of Sociology offers several departmental scholarship to the current students.
  • Career Options
    • Sociology majors are frequently employed in the helping professions, in business, and in various public sector positions, especially those that serve children, the elderly, or deliver a variety of social services.  Many graduates work in the criminal justice system or in social research and data analysis. Some careers require additional education and/or experience. 
  • Student Clubs
    • The Department of Sociology houses different types of student clubs, namely: Alpha Kappa Delta contact Dr. Megan Carroll at  The Sociology Club contact Dr. Jurgita Abromaviciute at