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IST 6115 (Fundamentals of Cybersecurity) – 4 units

This course provides a broad introduction to a variety of topics in computer security. These include applied cryptography, access control, various security policy models, identification and authentication methods, protection against external and internal threats, security management and Internet security.

IST 6117 (Network Security I) – 3 units

This course introduces basic network protocols such as TCP/IP, I.P. addressing, switching, routing, LAN, etc. via popular network simulation or/and packet analysis tools. Covers how the various layers of the network protocol stack contribute to security and basic network attacks and threats.

IST 6125 (Law and Policy) – 3 units

This course provides an overview of the legal rights and liabilities associated with operation and use of computers and information, including the legal and regulatory compliance issues critical for cybersecurity managers. Approaches to reducing risk of potential legal liability for computer security or information privacy failures, and methods of enforcing security and privacy rights against other parties will also be covered. The course will include discussion of case studies and best practices.

IST 6232 (Risk Assessment and Management) – 4 units

This course will discuss and apply risk management frameworks. It will cover methods for assessing, managing and reducing risk to include detection, recovery, and damage control. Methods of and procedures for contingency planning and security policy formulation and enforcement will also be discussed. Practical/applied exercises will be used in this course.

IST 6215 (Network Security II) – 3 units

This course is designed to help students develop a deeper understanding of modern network security protocols and threats present in computer networks and will look at security in the enterprise. Topics include cryptographic network protocols such as SSL, PKI, IPSec VPN, network authentication, network security architecture and management concepts, network forensics via packet analysis, and network attacks and defense strategies.

IST 6235 (Cyber Analytics and Visualization) – 3 units

This course covers visual and fundamental data analytics techniques of electronically generated data. Topics include: data sources, data collection, the threat visualization process, data visualization tools, and analytics techniques for malware detection and analysis.

IST 6385 (Capstone) – 4 units

This capstone course will integrate the various topics covered in the prior courses into an integrative project.

IST 6395 (Special Topics 1) – 3 units

An intensive study of current issues and practices in Cybersecurity. This is the first course in a sequence.

IST 6397 (Special Topics 2) – 3 Units

An intensive study of current issues and practices in Cybersecurity. This is the second course in a sequence.

Note: Above are all catalog descriptions. Courses with 4 units last 14 weeks. Courses with 3 units last 7 weeks.