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Course Description

Degrees Requirements (48 units)

Education Core Courses (12)

EDUC 603. Effective Communication in Education (4 units)
Varying theoretical approaches with an emphasis on identifying one's personal/professional school of thought. Dynamics of interpersonal communication in educational structures: participation of individuals and small groups from a pluralistic perspective; writing for research purposes and professional speaking. (4 units)
EDUC 605. Foundations of Education (4 units)
History and theory of elementary, secondary and postsecondary education within the setting of American society: underlying assumptions, organizational structure, and educational change. Multiculturalism is studied in a balanced context relevant to the educational setting. Students apply what they learn to their school of thought in education, thereby connecting theory to the daily practice in the schools. (4 units)
EDUC 607. Introduction to Educational Research (4 units)
Introduction to the vocabulary, design, and sources of quantitative and qualitative methodologies, and program evaluation research in education. Ethical strategies for collecting, treating, and reporting data are emphasized; research reports and identifying, developing and critiquing trends in research communities. (4 units)

Emphasis Areas (36 units)

Organizational Leadership (8)

EADM 601. Educational Leadership and Ethics (4 units)
Introduction to school administration including leadership, vision, and ethics. Explores the theory and practice of school administration and restructuring. The leadership focus includes shared decision-making, problem solving, change management, planning, conflict management, evaluation, and school culture and climate. (4 units)
EADM 607. Culture, Politics and Communication in a Diverse Society (4 units)
Impact of educational administrators and collaboration with families and community members, responding to diverse community interests and needs, and mobilizing community resources. Emphasis on understanding, responding to, and influencing the larger political, social, economic, legal and cultural context. (4 units)

Learning/Teaching (12)

EDCI 638. Advanced Educational Psychology (4 units)
Advanced seminar exploring recent theory and research on cognition, personality, and psychosocial development with an emphasis on examining their interactions with the learning process. (4 units)
EDUC 634. Motivation Teaching and Learning (4 units)
This course focuses on theories, research, and concept of human motivation related to learning and teaching. The course explores what motivates students to learn, and examine strategies, techniques and interventions that promote and sustain learner motivation. Historical and contemporary research on motivation, teaching, and learning will be reviewed, analyzed, and discussed. (4 units)
EDCI 641. Curriculum and Policy (4 units)

Technology Leadership (8)

ETEC 546. Computer Based Technology in Education II (4 units)
Introduction to computer applications, computer-based technology, computer-assisted instruction, programming and authoring languages, and teacher utility programs in educational settings. Meets IIB competencies for the professional credential. (4 units)
ETEC 623. Technology for Educational Leaders (4 units)
Assisting educational leaders in developing the knowledge and skills needed to apply computer technology to educational settings. (4 units)

Inclusive Education (8)

EDUC 630. Supportive Learning Environments (4 units)
Classroom and behavior management strategies for diverse classroom and school learning environments. Emphasis on planning and implementing positive behavioral supports as well as maintaining supportive learning environments for all students. (4 units)
EESL 670. Principles and Practice in TESOL (4 units)
Second language acquisition theory, methods for teaching English as a second language (ESL), development and evaluation of materials for ESL instruction. (4 units)

Culminating Experience (0)

EDUC 999. MA Comprehensive Examination (0 units)
A comprehensive portfolio of work completed with metacognitive reflection. (0 units)